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Screw manners

It was a spring day in 2002 when I made a promise to myself to leave the South and never look back — a massive family history — mostly Biblical list of men who married women and begot children who begot children — her newly freed slaves — never a whisper about slaves — We’d rather opine about barbecue sauce — the pledge of allegiance to the Confederacy — By the middle of January, he stopped eating popsicles — can’t help but be haunted by the ghosts living in our land and our food — Screw manners — screw acting like history of the South isn't about white pride.

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Don't rush it

A rapid-fire publishing company that publishes books based on big data algorithms (Bay Area!) — yes, the idea was tempting — because we all have extra time to be our own publicists when we work two jobs and are testing five to ten recipes a week — constantly checking items off of a massive to-do list, and able to keep my mind away from longer, lingering, harder tasks — sometimes, these things I jump into turn out to be wonderful surprises — falling for someone I met on the internet — I probably knew Facebooking for a paleo blogger was never going to be a good idea — also, writing is hard.

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