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KronnerBurger, sigh

I'm not totally sure why burgers are still a thing — we got distracted by ramen and cronuts — layered like a beefy mille-feuille — think pieces on Shake Shack — so tired of the pop-up fetishization of big, bold, shit — I don't want to eat a 30000 calorie dinner just because Thrillist told me to — He's also fairly good looking for someone who maybe only eats burgers all day long — luckily, when your line cook over-cooks a rare burger by a minute, it is still a juicy medium-rare — The BD was the salt — I like both melty cheese and mayonnaise (a lot) — I am still not convinced that a house-ground dry-aged burger needs extra meat — the toast was totally soaked in some kind of delicious citrusy butter situation — I'd eat a wedge salad and a fancy dessert for dinner.

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We didn't eat grasshoppers but Calavera was still pretty good

everyone was talking about the grasshoppers — Hooray! Yay! Bugs! — The salt air thing was more confusing — I was picturing some kind of smoke sphere like they have at Alinea, but, like, on top of a margarita — very good drinkers —  would probably pay someone to keep these tortillas coming to my mouth every five minutes for the rest of my life — why don't more restaurants serve ceviche with chips? — I know what that shit costs — super fucking delicious braised goat in a magical goat sauce — no slime in sight — translation: probably agar — they'll serve it with orange slices and worm salt if you ask — The servers haven't totally gotten it yet — maybe gotten some gratis grasshoppers, but, you know, a girl can only dream.

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Best food city?

Bon Appetit named San Francisco the best food City in the country "right now" — each dish gets its own hashtag — Even in fucking Vallejo — Salispuedes means something like "get the fuck outside and have fun" — a way funkier ocean under Krauss's direction — crazy MSG-filled Kewpie mayo — wasn't really anything like cioppino — Always more roe — I don't even like ice cream that much, but I ate the shit out of this — Give me more new, unique shit, Oakland.

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