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Michael Warring is a badass

I am not a stranger to eating at strip malls — This is not E-40 Vallejo — luxury golf courses don't sound badass — lots of masking tape — Have you ever tried to cook a dish out of a Thomas Keller cookbook? — he mostly just juiced beets — IT IS A LOT OF WORK — it is sphere-ified root beer, which sounds fucking disgusting — I felt like a huge baller eating so many dollars worth of truffles — super into sumac like the rest of the culinary universe — a big ass piece of crazy-buttery brioche that Warring also made in the morning — Bring a designated driver, for sure — is certainly not going to get Lucky Peach's panties in a wad — When was the last time you had food like this for less than 100 bucks? Never? Exactly.

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