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Friday tally, #sorrynotsorry

I lasted about an hour at the annual Eat Real Festival last weekend — an excuse to day drink and get sunburned — perfect drinking snacks, hot, creamy, and funky — fucking delicious Golden Gate Gose from Almanac — let's just say a little thank you to the taco gods for giving those of us who work in downtown Berkeley a new place to go that doesn't suck — trying all of the offal tacos — Here's what happens when I come home late from the yoga studio and haven't eaten since like 11:30 — back the fuck off Asian food police — I'm at Woods now almost as much as Missouri Lounge. Not sure what that says about my priorities — I watched a group of food justice activists basically tell white people like Dan Barber to fuck off — I love Iyasare, btw.

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Here's why Overland is a great bar

one cannot live on high end manhattans made with smoked vermouth alone — a huge fucking frozen margarita machine and free line dancing lessons — beer bellies, cowboy hats, and lots of bottle blondes — I want to drink tall boys of Hamm's or whatever — mysterious dude at the Chron — needed to do something ridiculous while wearing cowboy boots — five different varieties of Red Bull —  potent and syrupy sweet potion that will simultaneously invoke mishap-filled high school spring breaks and also that stomach ache you got from housing too many Skittles — crazy-hot ghost pepper jack cheese — for extra gluttony — if you don't already know what you're doing, you'll still feel silly and fuck up a lot — We looked like idiots but laughed for 2 hours.

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